EIA Review in Malta: The Procedur

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Page 1 Volume 2, Issue 4 Page 1 T he review stage is an integral component of decision making since it assesses the adequacy of the environmental statement and considers the implications for project implementation. Experience has indicated that formal reviews can contribute to the success of the EIA process. Different countries and international organisations have established different reviewing procedures in the form of guidelines to assist the review and ensure quality of EIAs. The principal advantages of these guidelines is, among others, coherence and consistency of review quality. Among the most popular are guidelines developed by the University of Manchester, popularly known as the Lee and Colley Guidelines (after their developers), the Oxford Brookes University and the European Commission Review Checklist. I n most instances, reviewing consists of a technical review and a public review. In a technical review an expert group of individuals reviews the environmental statement and comment on the technical aspect and quality of the statement. This is usually presented in a formal review report. The public is also given the opportunity to comment on the adequacy of the environmental statement, address their concerns and raise further questions on the development proposal. Different countries have adopted various approaches for public participation (see Volume 1, Issue 4). F ollowing this brief introduction on the international practice of EIA review, the next article presents an overview on how Malta carries EIA review. This edition also consists of an article on News in the Field, where a brief overview on the recently held SEA Workshop and the proposed and long awaited EIA Training Courses is presented. The Editor October 2003 Volume 2, Issue 4 Inside this issue: EIA Review 1 EIA Review in Malta: the Procedure 2 Food for thought 2 News from the field 3 Useful Web Links 4 Submissions 4 e-newsletter for EIA practitioners Page 2 Volume 2, Issue 4 Page 2 The review will also determine whether any additional information is required EIA Review in Malta: The Procedure O n receipt of the environmental statement MEPA circulates the statement and requests government departments and agencies, local councils and NGOs to submit any comments on the report within a minimum period of 30 days
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